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Xbox360 VS PS3

2007-10-18 09:43:30 by con7822

Ok i have a Ps3 but my friend has a Xbox360 and has halo 3 and gears of war and there REALLY GOOD but i dont know if i want to fork out 40 pounds a year to play online when ps3 is free for online what do you people think.


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2007-10-24 19:58:35

pfft the price of the ps3 is bad enough

con7822 responds:

i dont know i think its worth it


2008-07-03 18:30:32

Hmmmmm. Thats REALLY hard. Let me make a chart.

PS3 goods PS3 BADS
>Free online >Really high price
>Has Eyetoys >Not a very good shooter console
>Has light guns and stuff >Not as many games as the 360
>Can chat with your pals >Only 2 cooling vents
>Best graphics >Online server is not as good
>Can play PS1 and 2 games
> Looks cool


2008-07-03 18:39:19

Xbox360 Goods

>Fits nicely in your hand and has some weight
>Is a good shooting Console
>Has a removable faceplate
>Has more games than the PS3
>Has some very famous titles like Halo 3 and Gears of war
>Graphics are not as good as the PS3's (But no can tell the differents!)
>Has a more cooling vents


2008-07-03 18:45:19

The bads of Xbox 360

> Breaks down more than the PS3
> Not as cool looking as the PS3
>Costs money for many (If not all) online stuff
>Lacks light guns
>Has the "red ring of doom"
>Bigger and fatter
>Drop it on someone's head and they die


2008-10-02 03:19:20

well thinking about the price difference of over 200 bucks between xbox 360 and ps3 the difference will be noticable after paying 5 years of xbox 360-live, so i think it's kinda weird to say it's 'expensive' to pay per month =3